Rok v0.8

Rok VASA Provider


In Rok version 0.8, the Rok VASA Provider is able to work with more than one Protocol Endpoints, choosing where to bind a VVol depending on the ESXi accessing it. For that to work, a migration in RokVP’s etcd schema is required.

Upgrade steps

  1. Power-off all Virtual Machines that use the Rok VVol datastore
  2. Upgrade Rok to v0.8, without restarting any Rok daemons
  3. Stop the RokVP Gunicorn process
  4. Restart the Rok Controller
  5. Run the migration script, see rok-vasa-manage migrate --help for more information.
  6. Re-start all the Rok v0.8 daemons and start the RokVP Gunicorn process.
  7. Power-on the Virtual Machines from the first step

Rok Gateway

Starting from this version, the Rok Gateway supports migrations. The migrations can be applied via the following command, with the Gateway gunicorn process and daemons stopped:

$ rok-gw-manage migrate

For more information on the available options, you can use the rok-gw-manage migrate --help as well as the rok-gw-manage showmigrations commands.


Apply any database migrations introduced in v0.8 with:

$ rok-fort-manage migrate


Apply any database migrations introduced in v0.8 with:

$ rok-indexer-manage migrate