Create AKS Cluster

This section will guide you through creating an AKS cluster using the Azure portal and the Azure CLI. Once done you will have an AKS cluster with:

  • Kubernetes 1.19.
  • Azure CNI network configuration.
  • The control plane spread on all availability zones.
  • A system node pool with two nodes that will host critical system pods.
  • Pod Identities enabled.

What You’ll Need


To create the AKS cluster follow the steps below:

  1. Switch to your management environment and specify the cluster name to use:

    root@rok-tools:~# export CLUSTERNAME=arrikto-cluster
  2. Sign it to the Azure portal.

  3. Click Create a resource and search for Kubernetes service.

  4. Click Create.

  5. For Project details:

    • Set Subscription to your desired subscription.
    • Set Resource group to arrikto, the resource group you previously created.

    For Cluster details:

    • Set Kubernetes cluster name to arrikto-cluster.
    • Set Region to your desired region.
    • Set Availability zones to Zones 1,2,3. Select all zones to ensure your cluster operates reliably. Your control plane and the primary node pool, will be spread across these zones.
    • Set Kubernetes version to the latest 1.19 available, 1.19.11.

    For Primary node pool:

    • Set Node size to Standard DS2 v2 (the default one).
    • Set Node count to 2.
  6. Click Next: Node pools.

  7. Keep the default options.

  8. Click Next: Authentication.

  9. Keep the default options.

  10. Click Next: Networking.

  11. Set Network configuration to Azure CNI, since Kubenet does not support Pod identities. Keep the defaults for the remaining options.

  12. Click Review + create and Create.

  13. Wait for Azure to provision your cluster.


Switch back to your management environment and ensure that the AKS cluster exists and that ProvisioningState is Succeeded:

root@rok-tools:~# az aks show -o table \
>    --resource-group ${AZ_RESOURCE_GROUP?} \
>    --name ${CLUSTERNAME?}
Name             Location    ResourceGroup    KubernetesVersion    ProvisioningState    Fqdn
---------------  ----------  ---------------  -------------------  -------------------  -------------------------------------------------
arrikto-cluster  eastus      arrikto          1.19.11              Succeeded  


You have successfully created your AKS cluster.

What’s Next

The next step is to get access to your AKS cluster.