Configure Access to Arrikto’s Private Registry

Arrikto distributes container images via a private Container Registry on Google Cloud ( In this guide, you will configure access to this private registry.

What You’ll Need

  • A Docker JSON configuration file that contains a key with proper rights and has the following format:

          "auths": {
                   "": {
                            "auth": "<BASE_64_STRING>"

Contact Arrikto

If you don’t have a Docker configuration file, please contact the Arrikto Tech Team to create one for you.


  1. Decrypt the Docker config:

    root@rok-tools-0:/# gpg -d > /root/dockerconfig.json

    The above command will appear to hang while it is waiting for the encrypted text.

  2. Copy the encrypted text from the email, including the -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- and -----END PGP MESSAGE----- lines.

  3. Paste the encrypted text into the terminal, including the -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- and -----END PGP MESSAGE----- lines.

  4. Enter the passphrase, when gpg prompts you to.

  5. Press ctrl-d to inform gpg that there is no more input.

  6. You should end up with the deployments key in /root/dockerconfig.json.


This will save your key unencrypted in /root/dockerconfig.json


You have successfully configured access to Arrikto’s private container registry.

What’s Next

The next step is to clone the GitOps repository that contains all necessary manifests for the deployment process.