Automated Deployments

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This section is a work in progress.

To speed up and streamline the deployment of EKF, Arrikto provides a tool, rok-deploy, that automates the installation process. rok-deploy makes the installation of EKF easy, smooth, and fast. The following guides provide an insight on automated deployments that rok-deploy supports based on your choices about your specific environment and needs.

Once you set up your management environment, run rok-deploy to start installing EKF.

rok-deploy will then guide you through the installation guides for EKF, where you will set up the necessary infrastructure and deploy Arrikto EKF at your Kubernetes cluster. You can find the installation process that rok-deploy automates at the EKF installation guides.


Arrikto EKF supports rok-deploy only on AWS environment.

  • Pipeline deployments.
  • Verify installation.
  • Edit committed choices.