Patch All Images for Your Deployment

Arrikto EKF pulls images from predefined registries. This guide will walk you through patching the manifests so that they point to images that you have mirrored to your internal registry.


  1. Go to your GitOps repository, inside your rok-tools management environment:

    root@rok-tools:~# cd ~/ops/deployments
  2. Ensure that your GitOps repository is clean:

    root@rok-tools:~/ops/deployments# git status ... nothing to commit, working tree clean
  3. Specify your internal registry that hosts the mirrored images:

    root@rok-tools:~/ops/deployments# export INTERNAL_REGISTRY=<REGISTRY>

    Replace <REGISTRY> with your internal registry along with the repository prefix (if any). For example:

    root@rok-tools:~/ops/deployments# export
  4. Run rok-image-patch and follow the on-screen instructions:

    root@rok-tools:~/ops/deployments# rok-image-patch --to ${INTERNAL_REGISTRY?}
    1. Strip 0 components from the original image:

    2. Operate on deploy overlays:

    3. Wait for the operation to complete:



    The tool reports failed kustomizations.

    Open ~/.rok/log/image-patch.log and search for:

    [ERROR] Failed to analyze the following kustomizations: ...

    This means that the reported kustomizations are not buildable, for example due to a typo or because an upstream overlay has been removed. Fix them and re-run the command.

  5. Stage the changes:

    root@rok-tools:~/ops/deployments# git add .
  6. Commit your changes:

    root@rok-tools:~/ops/deployments# git commit -am "Use images from internal registry"


You have successfully patched all manifests to use images that you have mirrored to your internal Docker registry.

What’s Next

You may now go back and proceed with your installation or upgrade.