Kiwi is Arrikto’s GPU sharing mechanism. It enables multiple Pods to run on the same GPU concurrently, each Pod having the whole GPU memory available for use.

This user guide will:

  • instruct you on how to use Arrikto vGPUs for your workloads,
  • present a Kale SDK example on running a Kubeflow pipeline on Arrikto vGPUs, and
  • instruct you on how to enable Kiwi Debug Logs for a notebook server.


This feature is a Tech Preview, so it is not fully supported by Arrikto and may not be functionally complete. While it is not intended for production use, we encourage you to try it out and provide us feedback.

Read our Tech Preview Policy for more information.

Also, check out the Kiwi User Guide to find out more on how to use vGPUs.