Mirror Arrikto GitOps Repository Using Bitbucket

This guide will walk you through mirroring the Arrikto GitOps repository to an internal, self-hosted Bitbucket server, using the Bitbucket native way of importing a repository.


Bitbucket supports one-off imports of the external repositories. Upon upgrades, you will have to delete the mirrored repository and re-mirror it so that you can fetch the latest changes and eventually rebase your local clone of the GitOps repository onto the latest Arrikto-provided manifests.

What You'll Need

  • A self-hosted Bitbucket Server.
  • An account in your internal Bitbucket Server.
  • A GitHub account.
  • A Personal Access Token for your GitHub account.

Contact Arrikto

Request an invite to the https://github.com/arrikto/deployments GitOps repository.


  1. Go to your internal Bitbucket server.

  2. Click + in the global sidebar.

  3. Select Repository under Import.

  4. Specify the repository to import.

    1. Set URL to https://github.com/arrikto/deployments.
    2. Check Requires authorization.
    3. Set Username to your GitHub user.
    4. Set Password to your Personal Access Token.
  5. Specify the Bitbucket repository to create.

    1. Set Project name to your desired project.
    2. Set Repository name to arrikto-deployments.
    3. Keep Private repository checked.
  6. Click Import repository.


You have successfully mirrored the Arrikto GitOps repository to an internal, self-hosted Bitbucket server.

What's Next

You may now go back and proceed with configuring Git inside your management environment.