Mirror Arrikto GitOps Repository Using GitLab

This guide will walk you through mirroring the Arrikto GitOps repository to to an internal, self-hosted GitLab server using the GitLab native way of configuring a repository to pull from a remote one.

What You'll Need

  • A self-hosted GitLab Server.
  • An account in your internal GitLab Server.
  • A GitHub account.
  • A Personal Access Token for your GitHub account.

Contact Arrikto

Request an invite to the https://github.com/arrikto/deployments GitOps repository.


  1. Go to your internal GitLab Server.

  2. In your project, go to Settings > Repository, and then expand the Mirroring repositories section.

  3. In the Mirroring repositories section:

    1. Set Git repository URL to https://<username>@github.com/arrikto/deployments. Replace <username> with your GitHub user.
    2. Set Mirror direction to Pull.
    3. Set Authentication method to Password.
    4. Set Password to your Personal Access Token.
  4. Click Mirror repository.


GitLab will pull changes in the Arrikto GitOps repository automatically in a certain period of time or when a forced update is initiated.


You have successfully mirrored the Arrikto GitOps repository to an internal, self-hosted GitLab server.

What's Next

You may now go back and proceed with configuring Git inside your management environment.