Enable Logging

To enable Amazon EKS Control Plane Logging we follow the official EKS docs:

$ aws eks update-cluster-config \
>     --name ${EKS_CLUSTER?} \
>     --logging '{"clusterLogging":[{"types":["api","audit","authenticator","controllerManager","scheduler"],"enabled":true}]}'

To enable Container Insights we follow the official docs:

  1. Edit rok/amazon-cloudwatch/overlays/deploy/patches/configmap.yaml to set the cluster name and region:

    cluster.name: myclustername
    logs.region: us-east-1
  2. Commit the change:

    $ git commit -am "Configure fluentd cloudwatch agent"
  3. Apply the Fluentd manifests to Kubernetes:

    $ rok-deploy --apply rok/amazon-cloudwatch/overlays/deploy/

The logs will be available at CloudWatch.