Update Rok Wheels Inside Your Notebook

This guide will walk you through updating the Rok wheels inside your notebook. It assumes that you have access to an Arrikto-provided tarball.

What You'll Need

  • An Arrikto EKF or MiniKF deployment.
  • A notebook server with the dialog program installed.
  • An Arrikto-provided tarball with Rok wheels.

Contact Arrikto

If you don't have a tarball provided by Arrikto, please contact the Arrikto Tech Team to create one for you.


  1. Go to the Notebooks UI and connect to your notebook server.

  2. Launch a new terminal.

  3. Specify the Arrikto-provided URL for the tarball:

    jovyan@mynotebook-0:~$ export ARRIKTO_TARBALL_URL="<ARRIKTO_TARBALL_URL>"

    Replace <ARRIKTO_TARBALL_URL> with the URL that Arrikto provided to you.

  4. Find the tarball file name:

    jovyan@mynotebook-0:~$ export TARBALL=$(basename ${ARRIKTO_TARBALL_URL?} | cut -f1 -d?)
  5. Use the Arrikto-provided URL to download the tarball from inside your notebook:

    jovyan@mynotebook-0:~$ wget -O ${TARBALL?} ${ARRIKTO_TARBALL_URL?}
    2021-11-24 07:05:22 (113 MB/s) - ‘wheels-py36-release-1.4-l0-release-1.4-rc4-23-g5b8b12eb8.tgz’ saved [9177855/9177855]
  6. Inspect the downloaded tarball and verify that this is a flat directory named after the Python and Rok version and includes all wheels:

    jovyan@mynotebook-0:~$ tar tzf ${TARBALL?}
  7. Extract the downloaded tarball:

    jovyan@mynotebook-0:~$ tar xzvf ${TARBALL?}
  8. Find the extracted directory:

    jovyan@mynotebook-0:~$ export WHEELS=$(basename ${TARBALL?} .tgz)
  9. Check the Rok version you are about to install:

    jovyan@mynotebook-0:~$ echo ${WHEELS?}
  10. Install the new Rok wheels to the Python user install directory:

    jovyan@mynotebook-0:~$ pip3 install --upgrade --user \
    > --find-links ${WHEELS} \
    > rok-common rok-etcd-client rok-gw-client rok-kubernetes rok-tasks
    Looking in links: wheels-py36...
    Installing collected packages: rok-etcd-client, rok-common, rok-tasks, rok-kubernetes, rok-gw-client
    Successfully installed rok-common...


    No matching distribution found

    Ensure that the Python version of your system matches the version of the wheels, for example for Python 3.6.9 you will need py36 wheels.


  1. List Rok wheels in your environment and verify that all are in the desired version:

    jovyan@mynotebook-0:~$ pip list  | grep rok
    rok-common                    1.4rc4.post0+23.g5b8b12eb8
    rok-etcd-client               1.4rc4.post0+23.g5b8b12eb8
    rok-gw-client                 1.4rc4.post0+23.g5b8b12eb8
    rok-kubernetes                1.4rc4.post0+23.g5b8b12eb8
    rok-tasks                     1.4rc4.post0+23.g5b8b12eb8
  2. Verify that you are using the new modules under $HOME and not the ones that were originally installed in the system:

    jovyan@mynotebook-0:~$ python3 -c "import rok_common; print(rok_common.__file__)"


You have successfully updated Rok wheels inside your notebook.

What's Next

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