Configure Rok Account Management

This guide will walk you through configuring Rok account management. Rok uses two components for account management:

  • A Profile controller.
  • A Reception server.

Combined, those two components take care of provisioning the namespaces and RBAC rules for each Rok user. Upon login, the Rok UI will display the namespace the user operates under.


  1. Go to your GitOps repository, inside your rok-tools management environment:

    root@rok-tools:/# cd ~/ops/deployments
  2. Set the prefix Reception uses for Profile creation to personal-:

    root@rok-tools:~/ops/deployments# echo "PROFILE_PREFIX=personal-" >> \
    >   kubeflow/manifests/apps/reception/overlays/deploy/params.env
  3. Commit the changes:

    root@rok-tools:~/ops/deployments# git commit -am "Configure Rok Account Management"


You have successfully configured Rok account management.

What's Next

The next step is to deploy Rok.