Deploy Kiwi (Arrikto vGPU)


This feature is a Tech Preview, so it is not fully supported by Arrikto and may not be functionally complete. While it is not intended for production use, we encourage you to try it out and provide us feedback.

Read our Tech Preview Policy for more information.

Also, check out the Kiwi User Guide to learn more about using vGPUs.

This section will guide you through deploying and configuring Kiwi. Kiwi is a GPU sharing mechanism that enables multiple containers (belonging to the same or different Pods) to run on the same GPU concurrently, each having the whole GPU memory available for use.


This guide is optional. If you have not created a GPU-enabled node group or are not planning to create one, skip this guide.


Kiwi is only supported on Pascal or newer NVIDIA GPUs.


Kiwi currently consumes one NVIDIA GPU from every GPU node in the cluster when deployed. Providing a way to limit the set of nodes on which Kiwi runs is a work in progress.

What You’ll Need