The following guides describe how to upgrade between Rok releases.

Assuming that you have deployed Rok on Kubernetes following the Deploy Rok guide, i.e., you already have a local GitOps repo with Arrikto-provided deployment manifests.

Once Arrikto releases a new Rok version you need to follow a series of steps to upgrade your installation. Most of these steps are version-agnostic and are, thus, included in the generic guide for upgrading Rok on Kubernetes provided below. Please read this guide to understand the basic concepts and get some intuition on the process.

For most of the cases the above guide should suffice. Still, there might be some version-specific steps that one needs to follow in order to seamlessly upgrade between releases. For each release, we fork the generic guide and extend it with all additional steps that might be needed to upgrade your installation. You can find version-specific guides below: