Access Kubeflow Pipelines

This guide contains instructions to access Kubeflow Pipelines (KFP) in your Kubeflow deployment.

Arrikto’s Kubeflow cluster comes with several security features that are not present in the open-source distribution. For this reason, remember to always install the Arrikto distribution of the Kubeflow Pipelines SDK and Client in order to properly authenticate to the KFP API server.

What You’ll Need

  • An Arrikto EKF or MiniKF deployment with the default Kale Docker image.

Contact Arrikto

If you are using a custom image or environment, make sure it supports Python3 and contact the Arrikto Tech Team to provide you with the wheels to install Arrikto’s KFP SDK fork.


Chose one of the following options, based on how you intend to access KFP.

This section will guide you through accessing KFP from a Pod within the same cluster.

This section will guide you through accessing KFP using an external client.